Master your conversation skills
Persuasive Speaking is a Critical but quite neglected skill. In "speak like a leader," we show you how to master it.
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“No matter how confident you feel with your speaking skills, ‘Speak Like a Leader’ is a book you must read.”
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Ambition, Motivation, Extroversion and Our Unconscious Competence Pursuit
What are the essential characteristics that all great speakers have in common? What is the secret to reaching a competent level in this inherited but quite neglected skill?
Chapter 2 – The Art of Small Talk
Small talk is far from ‘small’ or trivial. By contrast it can be considered to be the ‘cornerstone of civility’ and, at a deeper level, as the first rung on our conversational ladder.
Chapter 3 - How to Talk Without Running Out of Things to Say
Mastering the art of small talk is a skill of extremely charismatic people. Mastering the art improvisation, and never running out of things to say, is a skill possessed by extremely socially intelligent people.
Chapter 4 – Storytelling and Humor are your Unique Selling Points
Storytelling, combined with humor, will equip you with the ability to capture your listener’s attention, tantalize him, cause him to ponder and speculate, and then, in the end, to give him precisely what he is seeking.
Chapter 5 – Controlling the Frame of a Conversation
Framing is a technique that almost all high-performing speakers use to control the flow and outcome of a conversation in crucial-setting situations. Knowing how to control the frame of a conversation is a vital communication skill.
Chapter 6 - Social Intelligence: The Secret to Sustainable Influence
Social intelligence is about understanding certain crucial factors affecting our social life and translating them into verbal and non-verbal cues that will increase our influence and likeability.
Chapter 7 – Public Speaking Mastery
Public speaking is among the top five most common fears that people have; does it really have to be this way? If you can uncover the magic formula behind successful public speaking, you can easily become an expert in the field.
Chapter 8 – Flow – The secret to releasing your ultimate potential
Flow is one of the most profound mental states it is possible to experience, and probably the most important factor to consider when pursuing a competency in the skill of speaking.
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This is not your Average Social skills book. You’ll learn:
  • About the paradox of ambition and the science behind motivation.
  • Why great speakers are ambiverts, with an inclination towards extroversion.
  • How to make small talk with anyone, anywhere.
  • Real life examples of great small talk.
  • The four pillars that will ensure you never run out of things to say.
  • The way of improvisation and the seven steps to becoming a great improviser.
  • The key to good storytelling and the U.S.E.M.E. storytelling system.
  • The recipe for humor, and some examples of great humor by famous comedians.
  • Russell Brand’s secret to controlling the frame of a   conversation.
  • Arthur Schopenhauer’s ideas about how to win frame wars.
  • How to develop a deep and commanding ‘HE-MAN’ voice.
  • 18 ‘Psychological Life Hacks’ that will help you gain an advantage in social situations.
  • How to rationalize your fear of public speaking.
  • 10 guaranteed ways to make an impact with your speech.
  • Understand the idea of Flow and how it has come to play such a significant role in releasing our true     potential.
  • How to induce Flow in yourself, and use it to become a social chameleon and great speaker.


So who’s behind this?

I’m Andrian Iliopoulos, an entrepreneur, writer and self-growth enthusiast.

Speaking well has always been a sticking point for me. Through a combination of extensive research, interviews with influential speakers and personal experimentation I managed to unravel the secret behind an effective speaking ability. In "Speak Like a Leader" I share all my findings.

My goal is to help you develop advanced social skills and make an impact with the way you communicate your message.


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